a modern Russian company specializing in the production of disposable workwear for cleanrooms


Isogarm™ – disposable workwear that enhances the quality of staff work.

We have considered the pros and cons of all global manufacturers of workwear and have created the best disposable workwear that meets all modern safety and comfort requirements.

Our workwear is manufactured in Russia in certified clean rooms of ISO 4 and ISO 7 class, adhering to all necessary technological requirements.

Спецодежда Isogarm™ workwear is used in high-tech industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and microelectronics.

Our advantages

The modern membrane material, AirCleanTech™, is designed with the optimal density, strength, air, and vapor exchange suitable for workwear.

Our products feature an ergonomic design with a minimal number of seams.

Комфорт и надежная защита человека и окружающей среды.

The perfect balance between the properties of AirCleanTech™ material and the ergonomics of Isogarm™ products results in safe, comfortable, and productive workwear.

Comfort and ease of use