Isowipe® K-Delicate (Sterile)

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For any types of use, including delicate (sensitive) surfaces

For any types of use, including delicate (sensitive) surfaces

Wipe made of the finest synthetic fibers and microfiber.

High absorption capacity and low particle emission.

Gently cleans even the most sensitive surfaces.

Perfect for fine cleaning of even stubborn stains in critical clean room areas.

The product has undergone sterilization with a guaranteed sterility level of 10-6.

The sterilization process is validated and carried out in accordance with ISO 11137-1-2011. A certificate confirming the sterility of each production batch is provided for all sterile products.

Material composition 80% polyester, 20% polyamide-microfiber
Material density 205 g/m²
Type of edging Sealed (ultrasound treatment)
Absorption capacity 280 ml/m²
  • Highest cleaning capacity thanks to microfiber
  • High absorption capacity for spill removal
  • For fine cleaning of sensitive surfaces