Isowipe® N-Absorb (Sterile)

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For any daily type of use in rooms of low cleanliness class

Non-woven lint-free wipe made of polyester spun-laced material with cellulose.

High absorption capacity and low particle emission.

Perfect for disinfection, spill removal or general cleaning in low cleanliness class rooms.

The product has undergone sterilization with a guaranteed sterility level of 10-6.

The sterilization process is validated and carried out in accordance with ISO 11137-1-2011. A certificate confirming the sterility of each production batch is provided for all sterile products.

Material composition 45% polyester, 55% cellulose
Material density 68 g/m²
Type of edging Cut
Absorption capacity 300 ml/m²
  • High absorption capacity
  • Suitable for general cleaning purposes